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Respect and protect our playground

As an organiser, the Nice Côte d'Azur by UTMB® has developed numerous actions to protect the natural environment and to raise awareness amongst all the players. This is a collective action which involves the organisation, regional groups, runners and supporters, partners and volunteers.


To fight against sol erosion: We avoid all shortcuts, especially on the trails that are most susceptible to gullying in wet weather and rather go on stronger and protected trails.

From year 1, specific signs will be put up in the areas deemed most sensitive, so let's play along and follow the path!


We provide teams of volunteers "on the ground" to inform the public about respecting the rules in natural environments. These volunteers are also involved in the cleaning of the route before and after the event to measure the quantity of waste generated by the races. Attention, they are also equipped to penalise you in the case of not respecting the environment.


Mercantour National Park regulations

During the Ultra Trail Métropole Nice Côte d'Azur, you will cross the heart of the Mercantour National Park. In this area, as everywhere else, you are asked to be particularly careful, but in addition, there are specific regulations, here are the main ones.

  • Do not take dogs so that the fauna is not disturbed;

  • Stay on the paths, to limit the amount of tramping about, and avoid making a noise which disturbs wildlife and others using the paths;

  • Do not pick flowers, or plants, so that they remain there for everybody to admire;

  • Do not use a drone in a nature reserve;

  • Take away all rubbish so that the site remains clean.

  • Do not camp and light fire so as to leave no signs of your passage.

Find out more on the regulations at the link below

More info on regulations

Waste management during the event

Each UTMB® runner, supporter and volunteer has been made aware of reducing and sorting waste, and everything is done to limit and recycle any waste.

No more plastic to reduce waste

No more plastic to reduce waste

To reduce consumption of plastic, both by runners and volunteers, and therefore limit your carbon footprint and your waste production, the organization will not distribute any more disposable crockery (cutlery, beakers, bowls) at the life bases and the refreshment posts (this is the same for the volunteers). This action called "Bring Your Own Utensils" (BYOU) was inaugurated at the Vibram Hong Kong 100 in January 2018. You are, therefore, invited to bring you own utensils if you wish to eat hot food at the refreshment posts.

Small trash bags are distributed at race-bib distribution, they are for containing used toilet paper and other soiled trash like open gel containers, or film which has contained food. We ask each trail-runner to keep their waste with them between refreshment posts, fruit skins included. You will find trash bins at each refreshment post for waste disposal. When leaving the post you will find, about 100m after the post, the last trash bin (marked with a sign).

Prioritize the use of rechargeable batteries and if that is not possible, do not abandon used batteries! Special containers are at your disposition at the refreshment posts.