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Want to take part to the Nice Côte d'Azur by UTMB® adventure? Join us and become a volunteer, helping us to ogranize the best trail running event in the Mediterannean area.

Join the adventure

Want to live a unique experience? To take part in organizing one of the biggest trail running events in the Mediteranean area? We need you!

Studying, working, or retiring, sports addict or just a novice, we need any of you to turn this event into a success. Your skills are key, your help is necessary and your support is nothing but essential to us.

In 2022, the 1st edition of Nice Côte d'Azur by UTMB®will take place from September, 22th to 25th.

Fill the form below and tell us more about you.


Discover below the testimonies of volunteers present on the UTMB Mont-Blanc for several years, and you too, join the adventure!

"Ah! Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, my best memory is from my first participation in the race in 2010 where I was at the finish. Today I'm in Switzerland in a big feeder. I like the fact that I can change position every year. Every year the runners show great kindness by thanking warmly the volunteers and the organization. They forget their fatigue and tell us how they feel." (Marie, involved with us since 2010)

"Nurse anesthetist, I joined the UTMB® medical team 13 years ago. Today, I am in charge of the nurses. On each event, we do our utmost to help the runners cross the finish line because we know that this represents more than a race for them. This means listening to them, advising them, giving them advice and consoling them if they have to give up. When I know that we have helped a runner cross the finish line, we share that finisher's bib with the same joy and happiness as they do." (Noah, committed to us since 2016)


Beaconing and closing

You evolve in the middle of nature on the race courses in order to position the beacons for the runners and are in charge of setting up the route to minimize the environmental impact of the runners' passage.

Race Commissioner

You are in charge of ensuring the fairness of the race, by respecting and applying the regulations in force, and are required to analyze a situation and take sanctions.

Computer control

You ensure the chronometric control of the runners (passage points) by passing a racket on their number.


You raise awareness and encourage volunteers, accompanying persons, runners and walkers to respect the environment to minimize our impact. You control, clean and mark the trails before and after the race.

Medical team

You will be in charge of the medical controls or operations for each runner and you will be mobile in order to be able to intervene quickly on the field. You will be supervised by the rescue and medical management.

Course management

You close the race and must make sure that all the runners are in front of you (injury, withdrawal, race fact...). You also control that no runner remains on the sides.

You ensure the good cohabitation between the runners and the motorists at the level of the road crossings.


You will accompany, drive and help cameramen and photographers in the field.

Public order

You are mobile in Chamonix and are in contact with the public to inform them, to ensure the good cohabitation of all during the event, to organize the departures and arrivals of races and to secure the road crossings

PC Race

You follow the races in real time and anticipate security problems. You answer questions, inform and control that all runners arrive safely.

Info point

You inform the runners, accompanying persons, various publics about the organization of the event and the possibilities of transport. You can sell some services (SMS, transport tickets...).

You make the accompanying persons get on the buses that bring them to the different points of the course and / or welcome them back to Nice.

Protocol and ceremony

You will help with the reception and management of partners, VIPs and other special audiences and you will participate in the organization of the podiums.

Delivery of race numbers

You control the identity cards, the obligatory material... You put in place the chips of chrono, give the envelope number and the tee-shirt to the runners


You will participate in the logistical set up of the refreshments beforehand, in the service of the runners during and in the dismantling of the refreshments after the passage of the runners

Runner bags

You are in charge of the recovery, the routing, the sorting of the bags and the return to the runner in the middle of the course or at the arrival.

Technical / logistic

You take care of the set up and management of the premises before, during and after the race. You set up and dismantle infrastructures.

Transportation and parking

You ensure the safe arrival of each stakeholder of the organization via the organization's vehicles.

You manage the flow of vehicles in the park-and-ride facilities available to the public.